7 Awesome Travel Degrees You Should Major in so You Can Enjoy an Adventure Packed Life!

7 awesome travel degrees | F*ckity bye | Ryan Somohano

Every year over 2 million bright-eyed, bushy-tailed students throw on matching caps and dresses and toss the former into the air celebrating their achievement of graduating college. After all, what's not to celebrate?

You're finishing up school and skipping off into a beautiful, bright future... right?

Well... The truth is some people's reality will fall well short of their optimistic expectations. Rather than skipping off into happiness, some college grads will end up dragging their feet into a crippling, 9 am to 5 pm, low-paying job and get b*tch slapped by the cold reality that all of their aspirations for adventure now need to be shoved into weekends and a crummy 1-2 week a year vacation allowance.

To avoid that fate and make everything you do in college move you towards a free-er and fuller life, I recommend majoring in one of the following travel degrees. Armed with any one of them, you'll either have travel built into your work responsibilities or enjoy work that you can perform from anywhere with an internet connect (ex: while laying down in your birthday suit on a sundeck in the Virgin Islands...Goodbye tan lines).

1. Creative Writing

Ahhh creative writing... A degree poo-pooed by many as one that's a complete waste of money. Little do all of those nay-sayers know that awesome writing skills can do so much more than give you the tools you need to write a creepy romance novel nobody wants to buy. As a writer, you can make millions creating engaging blog content, crafting marketing collateral, developing the brand voice of a fortune-500 company and so much more.

If you love to write and could imagine yourself enjoying not only doing sexy writing stuff like pumping out screenplays and fiction novels but also doing the less sexy stuff like creating web content and marketing pieces, picking up a creative writing travel degree from a well-priced school can pave your path to a life of creative, financial, and location freedom!

2. Marketing

This travel degree is closely related to creative writing because armed with it, you can make a case for writing awesome web content, sales copy, and blog posts for companies. With a marketing degree, you will enjoy a lot flexibility as far as being able to perform remote-based tasks (meaning you'll be able to do jobs from your computer).

You can manage a company's social media channels, handle their paid advertising campaigns, and other important day-to-day marketing tasks.

Marketing remote jobs availability
Remote jobs site, "remotejobs.telecommunity.net" has 995 marketing jobs waiting for you right now.

Get this - the digital marketing industry  (a fancy adult term for "making cool stuff online that makes people want to buy things") is going to be worth almost 200 billion dollars by 2020. If you want a piece of that action, consider majoring in the travel degree of marketing!

3. Computer Science

Are you really smart? If yes, you're probably appalled by some of the juvenile-humored content you've come across on this blog. My apologies.

Anywhoo, if you have a knack for math and just the right amount of creativity, you could do extremely well with a computer science degree. Armed with this travel-friendly degree, you could become a software developer, build mobile applications, and even advanced functions for websites!

So advanced...

Computer science is commonly regarded as one of the most financially sound degrees you can get since robots are slowly taking over the universe. If you want to master those human-hating robots and work a job that will almost certainly allow you "work from anywhere" flexibility, this travel degree is an excellent option.

4. Graphic Design

I am a horrific artist. Seriously. My hands must have been cursed by God to pay for sins from a past life where I was a world-renowned thief of something.

Assuming your hands have not incurred the wrath of God and you have a great eye from visuals, a degree in graphic design could be an excellent ticket to a successful freelancing career or even a more consistent location-flexible job. Graphic designers are essential to a wide range of disciplines including web design, software development, the production of marketing materials, event planning, and more!

Demand for graphic designers is set to go up by about 4% in the next few years so know that the market for your skills, if you should go down this path, will be stable!

5. Education

Getting your education in...Err...Education is one of my favorite things to recommend to young, beautiful, budding adventurers like yourself. Why?

Because you get the best of both worlds when it comes to stability and a travel-friendly lifestyle.

If you're a primary school teacher (grades K-12) you're getting a steady paycheck, have world-class health and retirement benefits, and *drum roll please* will on average get a whopping 180 days off a year (that's half a year)! Those days off include sick allowances, paid holidays, paid vacation, and of course that coveted summer break.

The only catch is that for extended breaks like summer vacation, you won't be getting paid. To help make up for that lapse, I recommend getting a Master's degree before you jump into the teaching game to boost your pay scale. Then, find the highest paying district in the area you want to live and try and land a gig there.

Teacher demand graph K-12 | F*ckity bye

You'll find that if you do both of those things and put in some time, you'll be making more than enough money to offset summer break and will have the freedom to do just about about anything you want!

For more information on how to become a teacher in your area, check out Teach.org.

6. Foreign Languages

Want a job that not only allows you to travel but endows you with endless amounts of irresistible sex appeal?

This could be you.

If no, go see a doctor. If yes, try out the travel major of foreign languages.

Foreign Language degrees may go by a variety of names and at some schools, you'll have to major in each language a-la-carte.

With a mastery of English and a handful of other in-demand languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi) you could score a job as a translator, a foreign aid worker, a diplomat and a ton of other international super-spy-like professions.

All of those jobs involve extensive travel and will make you by far the most interesting person you know.

7. Business Management

Business management is a popular and broad major a lot of people like to declare when they have no idea what it is they want to do with their lives. That's not why you'll be declaring it though. No-sir-ree-bob!

You'll be declaring it because you have dreams of being able to build incredible, lucrative businesses online that you can operate from anywhere in the world. You'll be declaring it because you want to travel the earth consulting other companies on how to improve their processes, master new technology and engage their customers in new and exciting ways. You'll be declaring it because a degree in business is broad but that broadness means that its relevance and potential is as limitless as your aspirations!

So next time one of your friends roll their eyes when you tell them you're opting for a business management degree, punch them in the face, and then let them know the more constructive reasoning behind choosing the major I described a couple of sentences ago (also don't punch your friend in the face... That was a joke).

Top business management jobs | F*ckity bye | Ryan Somohano

Wrapping Up Awesome Travel Degrees

For the vast majority of college graduates, their education is preparing them to step into a workplace where their schedule will be dictated to them 5 days a week for the next 40 years of their lives. If that prospect makes you die a little inside, there is still time to change your trajectory and vastly improve the quality of your life.

To get started, I recommend declaring any one of the above travel degrees I mentioned. Each of them is broad in their application. They can be excellent creative outlets. Above all else, they will give you the ability to not be tethered to a desk during the prime of your life!

Are you inspired to get any of these travel degrees? Are you wondering if the degree path you're on right now will make it so you feel trapped throughout your whole career?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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