How to Make Money on the Road: 8 Ways to Get Rich While Traveling

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Figuring out how to make money on the road is the most important aspect of being able to go on endless adventures without ever needing to come back. Imagine being able to go to places most people only ever dream of on a whim without booking a return ticket. Now imagine being able to do that while simultaneously padding your checking account.

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, crazy is what I'm all about on this blog and I 100% guarantee you that if making serious money while traveling is your goal then you 100% can!

Here are some of my favorite how to make money on the road ideas to start you on the right path!

1. Freelance Writing

In my opinion, if you love writing, there is no better how to make money on the road option than putting your love of writing to work on a freelance basis. When I quit my office job back in 2017, freelance writing was what I started doing to get by. Today, I make over $4000 per month working part-time writing for people and you can too!

Freelance writing is all about picking what sorts of writing styles you're interested in and pitching clients who need work in those styles so they can hire you.

To learn exactly how I started making thousands of dollars on a monthly basis with freelance writing so you can emulate my process, put your first name and email in the boxes below, hit subcribe, and I'll send you an infographic breaking everything down step-by-step!


2. Teach English

The world runs on English and because of that, people all over the world who don't speak English as a first language are looking for people like you to help them master the language.

Teaching English is a pretty popular means of making cash while traveling. Because of that popularity, there are a ton of "teach English abroad" programs you can sign-up for which will net you cool cultural experiences and some fast cash.

Some people I know spend their lives hopping from English teaching gig to English teaching gig and manage to travel the whole planet!

Are they getting rich? Honestly, most of them aren't. But they are getting by and are also getting to do things most people will only ever see in the movies.

In my talks with friends who teach English and travel, they've suggested that if you want to make "big bucks" you'll want to pick up a teaching credential domestically and then try to score a position at an international school. If you do that and also open up your schedule to private tutoring, you can make out well financially.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that people get rich promoting other people's products online? It's true!

This process is called affiliate marketing and if you're tech-savvy and know a thing or two about the internet, you can make a killing!

Affiliate marketing works something like this:

Let's say a guy is trying to sell waterproof socks (a product I could really use in rainy Portland, OR). In order to get the word out, the waterproof sock inventor might work with affiliate marketers like you who will spread the word about his socks through your various marketing channels (social media, email, word of mouth, flyers, etc.).

Whenever your marketing efforts secure a sale, you'll get a commission of anywhere from 1%-50+% (the percentage is pre-determined between you and the product manufacturer and will be different with every product you sell).

Affiliate marketing can be done 100% online and if you're promoting multiple products at once, you can build up a large and steady income stream.

Get started affiliate marketing by setting up an Amazon Associate's account!

4. Blogging

The first suggestion you'll hear from bloggers like me when they're giving you ideas on "how to make money on the road" will almost always be to start a blog of your own. In an effort to be original, I chose to move the idea of blogging from my first suggestion to my fourth...

Blogging can be incredibly lucrative, especially if you amass a large following and sell original products to them (eBooks, coaching, courses, etc.). The only issue with blogging is that, given that they're millions of blogs online, it can be hard to cut through the clutter and start getting people's attention.

Don't let competition discourage you though (unless you're planning on competing with me, in which case I will destroy you...). If you can pump out awesome content and have a lot of patients, you can make a killing building a blog for just about any niche.

Start learning how to build a blog by checking out this quick guide.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you're a really organized person, you could sell your talents to unorganized people (like me) who need help keeping their businesses and personal lives in order. This is called being a "virtual assistant" and it's one of the most popular and in-demand how to make money on the road methods you can pursue.

As a virtual assistant, you'll get paid on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis for helping organize people's calendars, send their emails, manage their spreadsheets and anything else a typical, in-person assistant would do.

The big difference with a virtual assistant (or VA as they're commonly called) is that you'll be doing all of your assistant tasks online which means A) You can work from anywhere and B) You can manage 2, 3 or more clients at once.


6. Drop Ship Products

eCommerce is big business with companies like Amazon generating billions of dollars every year in revenue. If you want to get your piece of that eCommerce pie, you could open up shop online and start selling products of your own.

The big issue with selling products online is that you usually need to store your inventory, manage orders, ship products, deal with customer support problems and all of that other dumb "business" stuff.

The beauty of drop shipping however is that you can enjoy all of the benefits of selling online (ex: getting paid) without all of that other boring stuff I just mentioned in the last sentence!

Drop shipping is when you have a deal in place with a manufacturer where whenever you sell a product through your online store, they fulfill your order. That means all you have to do is set up a digital shop and whenever somebody buys one of your products, the item's manufacturer will ship the order to your customer without you having to ever touch the product you're selling.

If your product supplier isn't willing to manage customer service stuff like returns or "make-goods", you can always outsource that work to a virtual customer service company or a virtual assistant!

7. Consulting/ Coaching

If you know a lot about something, people will pay you for that knowledge. That's what coaches and consultants do every day and some make millions of dollars a year doing it!

As a consultant, you can help businesses do things like improve their social media presence, build blogs, maximize their website, implement referral systems, and just about anything else. You could also teach every day people things like how to talk to girls or how to build their self-confidence.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what kind of consultant/coach you can be! Also, in today's digital-centric world, a ton of coaches and consultants work virtually which means that they coach via video chats, email, phone calls and other means that allow them to work from anywhere.

Bottom line, if you're an expert at something, think about selling that expertise. Even if you don't think you're an "expert", present yourself as one and sell your skills anyway.

Faking it until you make it is the number one thing you need to get comfortable with when it comes to being successful at how to make money on the road ideas.

8. Get a Work Visa

In theory, you could get a job doing anything in whatever country you're visiting just like you would in your native country. The only thing is that you'll have to get a work visa.

Work visas that enable you to apply for job openings where you're traveling can be hard to get since local governments want businesses to hire natives of the area, not foreigners. Still, if a particular employer feels that your unique sensibilities can help their business in a way that local applicants can't, they can make an appeal to their labor department, get you a visa, and hire you on.

With a work visa, you'll get all of the same benefits you would if you were a local working a regular job. The only difference is that your employer will need to renew your visa on an annual basis (in most cases) and that if you leave your job, you'll have to leave the country within a certain period of time.

Popular industries that love to give out work visas include hospitality, food services, and travel.

Wrapping Up How to Make Money on the Road: 8 Ways to Get Rich While Traveling

From digital coaching to blogging, there are no shortage of ways for you to make serious money while you're going on epic adventures.

Do any of these ideas sound like something you'd like to tackle? Do you have questions about a how to make money on the road suggestion you just read about? If so, leave me a comment in the box below!

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