8 Must-Read Road Trip/Driving Cross Country Tips (2020)

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Woooooo doggie, the travel industry has taken a beating over the last few months. Airlines are piling their planes into "graveyards", hotels are shuttering and an unfamiliar sneeze is enough to send most people running home, let alone the typical challenges that accompany vagabonding. The good news is that, as summer rolls around, I'm confident people will venture outside of their comfort zone via road-tripping which is a great baby step towards eventually getting back out into the broader world.

To enable you adventurers that have mustered up the will to pack up your car and hit the open road, I've compiled from polls I'd sent out to F*ckity bye's readers the top driving cross country tips you should commit to memory before sticking your keys in the ignition of your car (or pushing your "push to start button" you fancy b*tch). Here they are!

1. Get Tons of Sleep the Night Before

Listen, I get that you're the type of person that would never fall asleep while driving. After all, falling asleep while driving is crazy dangerous, right? Right! And if you don't get good sleep the night before you start on your long drive, you put yourself at risk of surprising yourself by committing that dangerous act and potentially killing yourself and everyone in your car.

Heavy, I know, but you know what? Nobody thinks they'll be the person that's going to fall asleep at the wheel until it's too late. Hedge your bets, keep yourself/family safe and make sure that if you listen to any of the driving cross country tips I share with you, you make it being well-rested.

2. Have All of Your Documents Ready to Go

I've never been pulled over by the cops before (while driving at least) but I'd imagine that it would be suuuuuuper awkward to get asked for your registration and proof of insurance and not have it. I'm of the school of thought that sharing awkward moments with people carrying guns is best avoided so do yourself a favor and confirm that you have any documentation you may need for your trip.

3. Your Car Is Your Temple. Clean It the F*ck Up.

Until I bought a car that was just expensive enough for me to care about the way it looked, my vehicles had always looked like my college dorm room minus the attractive girls hanging around that were always more interested in my friends. I'm not here to judge if your car still looks that way. What I am here to do is to tell you that going on a road trip in a dirty car sucks.

Seriously, who wants to be cooped up in a tight, dirty space for hours on end?

Before you hit the road, give your car a once over so it's nice to sit in. A little effort on this front will go a long way when it comes to making your adventure enjoyable.

4. Get Your Car Looked Over by a Professional

If you're anything like me, you're always trying to save a buck by doing things DIY. That tendency almost made me suggest going on YouTube and learning how to check your car's fluid levels, tire pressure, etc. as one of my driving cross country tips. Because I care about your safety a little bit and your continued ability to be alive enough to continue reading my blog a lot though, I'm going to suggest taking your car into a pro to get it looked over before going on your long drive.

Heading over to a chain like Jiffy Lube or a local garage and asking them to check the essentials is quick and doesn't require an appointment. In my experience, most shops won't even charge for this service, although, I'd recommend having a tip ready to go for your technician's troubles.

5. Don't Overplan

You've probably heard a million times that life is about the journey, not the destination. When it comes to taking in all of the value a road trip has to offer, that fortune cookie advice stands up.

In my experience, the things you see en-route to your destination on a long, unfamiliar drive are every bit as rewarding as getting to where you're going. Don't short-change those spontaneous treasures with a tight itinerary.

6. Do Brief Yourself on the Roads Ahead

Not every highway is as nice as the one you drive on in whatever big city you're from. Some highways are tricky, under construction, or downright dangerous due to weather conditions.

Brief yourself on the roads that you'll be taking before each leg of your drive by scoping conditions out on Google maps and reading local weather reports. If you see something that looks concerning, plan a way around whichever stretch of road you'd rather avoid.

 7. Pack Your Phone With Offline Media

Newsflash: Most stretches of road outside of major cities do not get great cellphone service. While you may be able to make a call, you probably won't be able to stream Netflix, Spotify, update your phone's GPS data, etc.

All of that to say, if you have media that you're going to need for your drive, download it for offline access. Either that or consider investing in a satellite radio subscription which can pick up excellent service whether you're cruising through Las Vegas or the Carolinas or anywhere in between.

8. Know Your Audience

If you're traveling with other people, make sure to get a gauge of how much tolerance they have for long drives. There's nothing worse than being trapped in a car with someone that endlessly complains about wanting to go home.

Hopefully, Those Driving Cross Country Tips Will Make Your Road Trip a Hit!

There you have it! Eight solid driving cross country tips sourced from some of the smartest people in the world (F*ckity bye's mailing list subscribers). I hope what you read will steer your road trip in a positive direction and that your outing helps you build confidence in getting back out into the world.

After all, even in today's times, the places around you and the incredible people that live in them have so much to offer. Live boldly and enjoy every moment of this summer and beyond!

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