Fastest Way to Save Money: 5 Realizations That Made Me Poop My Financial Pants

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Your life has unlimited possibilities. I don't care who you are, where you're from, or how pathetic you are at Fortnite - In an instant, you can take everything you are today and change it.

Start using a new set of values. Reinvent yourself. Start living the life you’re dying to live.

Accomplishing all of that takes just two things. Changing your mindset (check!) and ... having a lot of cash (Boo! No check!).

Yep. Creating an awesome life can be expensive. The good news is that if you find rewarding ways to make money and leverage a few fastest way to save money strategies, you can set your young beautiful self up today to have an incredible life all of your friends will be jealous of tomorrow.

Here are 5 fastest way to save money financial realizations that helped move me towards the unconventional life I'm living now that I believe can do the same for you!

1. Small Purchases Have Big Impacts

Have you ever upgraded to a supersize combo for a dollar?

I definitely have... I mean who the heck wouldn't take 60% more curly fries and Dr. Pepper for 100 measly pennies?

While 100 pennies may not seem like much by itself, when you look at it in the context of your habits, those pennies can be pretty substantial. I talk about this in-depth in my article on "Tweaking the Way You Look at a Dollar" but I'll paraphrase my point here.

I used to go to subway 3 times a week while I was in school. Quick credit card swipe, 6-7 dollars, no big deal. A kid's gotta eat, right?

It wasn't until I started trying to save up for my first international excursion that I realized how little purchases could make a big difference in my life. Those $7.00 or so a day I was spending on lunch was actually $21.00 a week... Which was actually $84.00 a month... which was actually $840.00 per year!

I spent $840 per year on lunch which I could have brought for free from home.

Add that to all of the other small things I was letting life "up-sell" me on (a 7/11 breakfast sandwich here, an extra California Roll there, etc. etc.) and I was spending almost what it cost to travel through South East Asia all summer on garbage I didn't really need.

If I had eaten Chipotle for lunch the day I came to that realization I seriously would have pooped my pants.

Bottom line, scrutinize your purchases and don't be afraid to shave a few cents or dollars off of the things you buy to invest more in those dreams "you can't afford". Ordering water instead of a $3.00 coke at a restaurant could mean a trip to the place you've always wanted to go in a couple of years.

2. Focus on the Experience

This fastest way to save money tip is not only insanely effective but will make you *one of most* thoughtful people on the planet (*second most thoughtful to me of course*).

Let's say someone you love has always wanted to go to Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum Mexico | F*ckity bye | Funny Travel Blog
Ahhh.... The Photoshop exaggerated beauty of, Tulum.

Now let's say their birthday is coming up and you would love to fly them there. I mean, dude... if you did that... you'd seriously be the (second) most thoughtful person in the world!

What if I told you you could still walk away with all of the adoration you'd get for flying your loved one out to Tulum without actually doing it? You totally can.

Picture this: You wait for your special someone to go to school or work and decorate their whole house Tulum style. You seriously go all out!

Play ocean sounds from your laptop, put a mariachi playlist on shuffle on your phone, make margaritas, shrimp cocktails, the works! Then, when the person you love walks through the door, you put a sombrero on their head, hand them a drink, and say, "I know you've always wanted to go to Tulum and although I couldn't give you that, I wanted to at least try and bring Tulum to you. I love you, happy birthday"

How do you think your special someone would feel? If they have any soul at all, they'd just about melt.

Just like that, you took what was the expensive, maybe even impossible idea of flying your loved one to Mexico, focused on the experience and made them feel just as special.

So next time you want to make big purchase, ask yourself, is there a way you can get the feeling you're chasing at a fraction of the price?

3. Money Can Be Free

Just about anything you can think of can be gotten for free through luck or a little persistence. This is especially true if you're young because a lot of older people genuinely want to help give you a step up in life. Money is no exception!

If you're in college, apply for scholarships offered through your school and try to focus specifically on those reserved only for your major. Fact: I made thousands on local scholarships while I was in school! (PS: I wouldn't waste my time with online scholarships like those offered through FastWeb.)

Skipping college? No problem.

Try just asking older people for money!

I know that sounds like a dumb suggestions but you're young and people want to help you out!

If there's something you really want to do like break away from the comfort of your home town and broaden your horizons by exploring some other place you've always wanted to go, let the people who love you know. Send them an email, call a meeting, tell them what your goals are and ask them if there's anything you can do for them so that they'd consider helping you.

You'll be shocked by how much support you're going to get.

BTW, If you're a "free-freak" I recommend checking out my write-up on how to get free hotel rooms!

4. A 30 Second Coupon Code Check Could Pay for a Vacation

Here's a quick fastest way to save money tip! If you purchase anything online and you see a "coupon code" or "promo code" field in the checkout area, open a new tab in your web browser and Google ["name of where you're shopping" + coupon code].

You'll see websites popup like "" "" "" and "" pop up.


Retail me not ebay coupon example - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog
A coupon I found on RetailMeNot for an eBay purchase.

Click on those sites, browse their codes and see if they work.

Most times they wont. A lot of times though you'll score a significant amount off of your purchase!

If you make this a regular habit and shop a lot, you can easily scrape a couple of hundred dollars into your vacation savings account over time and enjoy a few days off!

5. It Pays to Know How Much Things Really Cost

We live in a world where over 120 billion dollars per year is being spent by companies to manipulate your spending habits. A lot of those expensive ads you see have the aim of trying to make products seem like an insane deal you can't miss.

The truth is, very few of the deals you see in ads are really good deals. When somebody says something is 75% off but their prices were already 75% overpriced, are they really offering you a deal? ... not really.

You'll see this happen a lot in supermarkets, clothing stores and online.

It would serve you well to pay attention to what things cost during sales, not during sales, and seasonally. Overtime you will start to really understand when a sale is really worth your attention or just tricky marketing fluff.

Armed with that knowledge you'll never overspend and always know when it's time to buy something at a legitimately low price.

Wrapping Up Fastest Way to Save Money: 5 Pants Pooping Realizations

If you're looking for the fastest way to save money so you can start getting the things you want in life, I recommend starting by making habits out of all of the tips I shared above.

Each of my suggestions have profoundly shaped the way I look at money and have paved the way for me to build my savings and live an unconventional life.

And get this, you're a lot smarter than me!

If you take my advice, I have no doubt that you'll not only do as well as I've done but one day have assets that dwarf mine, buy my blog, my family, my clothing, and my health and leave me crying naked in a gutter.

Until then, have an awesome rest of your day and feel free to drop any questions or comments in the section below!

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