How to Get Free Hotel Rooms: Ways That Actually Work

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You've probably heard your senile great grandma mumble something to the effect of "There's no such thing as free lunch." You may have then sub-consciously taken that random old-person musing and concluded that there's also no such thing as a free hotel stay.

Well, I'm here to say that you and your grandma are 100% wrong!

Not only is there such thing as free lunch (so long as you don't mind breaking into your parent's home and stealing food from their fridge) but there is also such thing as a free hotel stay.

Don't believe me?

Then buckle in and keep reading. Below are proven tips on how to get free hotel rooms that you can try today!

1. Share Your Feedback

Hotels are only as good as their reputation. Because of that, they want you to have a good experience and if you don’t, they want to make things right.

What that means is that by sharing grievances you've had during previous stays at a hotel, you could score yourself complimentary "make-good" nights.

To do this, I recommend reaching out to the hotel in question’s customer service team. Tell them about your gripe in a professional manner and let them know that you were "very excited to stay with them, have advocated for their establishment in the past, and feel like your recent stay really betrayed your trust".

That could be enough to get you a free night.

Make sure you don't explicitly ask for anything when giving feedback to a hotel. Doing so may tip your hand that you're only going through the trouble of voicing your opinion because of what you might get and may lead to your message being ignored.

If you give feedback and are not satisfied with the hotel’s response (or don’t get one), leave a scathing yet honest review on Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is the most important review platform for most hotels so leaving negative comments there will get your complaint attention.

Not All Feedback Has to Be Negative!

Leaving negative feedback to get free stuff is a go-to how to get free hotel rooms method. But did you know that positive feedback could score you a free hotel stay too? If you have nothing negative to stay about the place you want to get free nights at, consider emailing customer service and telling them how much you love them!

Tell them that you've told all your family and friends to stay at their establishment, what qualities you like most about them, and that you can't wait to go back.

You taking the time to shower a hotel with praise could net you rewards for your loyalty!

2. Use Credit Cards

I know. there's nothing original about mentioning credit cards in a "how to get free hotel rooms" "how to get free flights" "how to get free anything” post.

Still, it needs to be mentioned or I could get my blogger license pulled... Credit cards can score you free hotel stays.

They do this in a few ways:

Sign-Up Bonuses

Many credit cards affiliated with hotel chains offer free nights just for signing up for them. Sometimes you'll be required to spend a certain amount of money within the first 3 months of your card opening to cash in on those perks.

For a limited time you can earn $200.00 to use for a hotel stay or anything else by signing up for and using the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. The card is free to get, carries no annual fees and Chase offers what I view as the most powerful rewards currency on the planet!

Claim the offer by clicking here.

Anniversary Rewards

Certain credit cards (usually ones with annual fees) will give you a free hotel stay every year on the anniversary of your account opening. That means you get to plan yourself a sure-fire mini break from your nagging husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / dog / mother once a year!

Definitely something to look forward to.

Everyday Rewards

Most credit cards will offer you "rewards currency" on every purchase you make with them. Rake in enough points/miles/cash back and you've got yourself a free hotel stay.

3. Endure Timeshare Pitches

Getting pitched on a product that you know you don't want to buy and couldn’t afford even if you did is bad... Buying the darn thing anyway is even worse.

If you have nerves of steel though and are impervious to sales tactics designed to flambé your fiscal responsibility, sitting through timeshare pitches can get you some pretty cool stuff. Among the cool things you can expect from timeshare pitches are free dinners, ski passes, cash, and of course - a free hotel stay.

To find a timeshare offering a free hotel stay as a perk at your travel destination, Google “[my destination] timeshare pitch free hotel stay”. I just tried that exact search with Las Vegas and was immediately offered a free 4-day, 3-night timeshare pitch at Tahiti Village.

There's not much to lose with this strategy so try your luck with timeshares when figuring out how to get free hotel rooms. You may be surprised by what you'll find!

This Lonely Planet Guide has given me all sorts of inspiration on where to check out time shares in case you're looking for suggestions!

4. Contests & Sweepstakes

A lot of hotel chains run contests and sweepstakes from time to time to try and get you to do things for them. These things may include following them on a social media platform, giving them your email address or leaving them a review on a particular site.

Whatever it is, doing what they ask could score you a free hotel stay.

I'm not a huge fan of contests and sweepstakes mostly because the chances of you winning are slim. Consequently, you'll mostly end up wasting your time here.

If what a hotel is asking you to do isn't that time consuming though, it could be worth rolling the dice.

5. Leverage Booking Site Reward Programs

Booking sites like,, and others offer loyalty programs that give you free nights at hotels they work with. Cashing in on these programs is simple. Usually, you just have to book X amount of nights through the platform and you'll be rewarded with a complimentary hotel stay.

I use to book a lot of my travel and consequently, have gotten tons of free nights via their "book ten nights, get one free" program.

If you travel frequently, consider doing most of your booking on a single site with a great loyalty program (so long as their prices are competitive).

Doing so could score you awesome free hotel stays down the road!

Now That You Know How to Get Free Hotel Rooms, Do It!

Staying in hotel rooms is pretty cool on its own. Doing it for free though takes the cake!

If you're wondering how to get free hotel rooms, try the tips above! Doing things like leaving feedback, using credit cards, checking out timeshares, entering contests and using rewards programs are all ways people have gotten free stays in the past. With a little effort and a small blood sacrifice to the goddess of luck (that was a joke, don't cut yourself please) you could achieve the same result!

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