7 Seriously Important Travel Accessories: The Best Travel Power Strip, Bags and More!

7 best travel accessories best power travel strip bag and more - F*ckty bye - Funny travel blog

I know I know, yet another travel/lifestyle blogger trying to sell you on their favorite stuff so you can max out your credit card buying more crap.

What can I say, telling people to buy stuff is fun. Also, while you don't need anything on this list, finding the right travel accessories can make those stressful days on the road tolerable and those incredible life-changing ones even better.

So, without further ado, from a travel power strip that will make it so your sacred electronics are always juiced up, to an incredibly sexy waterproof fanny pack that will make you look outrageously cool, here are 7 of my favorite travel accessories!

1. Belkin Travel Power Strip

 Best travel power strip - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog

When I first started traveling I made it a point to keep as many electronics at home as possible. As I transitioned into a life of being a "digital nomad" though, my lifestyle at home and on the road has gotten pretty dang power hungry.

That's why this Belkin travel power strip has been a lifesaver!

It has 3 AC outlets and two USB ports all stuffed into an unbelievably small design. Perfect for plugging in your laptop, cell phone, camera, and Nintendo Switch while you're traversing the planet!

Buy your Belikin travel power strip here.

2. Aqua Quest AQUAROO Money Belt

Best travel fanny pack keep money safe - F*ckity bye - funny travel blog

If you've moseyed around this blog, you've probably heard me singing the praises of this ultra sexy money belt that not only keeps your important stuff away from pick-pockets but also enables you to spontaneously jump into bodies of water whilst keeping your money, cell phone, and passport dry!

I'll spare you sonnets of text on why I love this belt. Just know that I do with all of my heart and you should seriously buy it.

3. Insten Universal World Wide Travel Adapter

Best travel power adaptor - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog

Get this - Countries all over the world use different electrical sockets! Call me stupid, but I had no idea when I first started traveling.

When got to Vietnam and found that none of my chargers fit into the wall sockets tears were shed...

The solution? A good wall socket adapter!

With a multi-socket power outlet adapter, no matter what kind of wall socket is laughing in your face you can shut it up by shoving your electronics into its mouth!

Buy the Insten World Wide Travel Adapter here.

4. Travel-Friendly First Aid Kit

Best travel first aid kit - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog

Getting help for minor but annoying injuries can be a chore when you're in certain countries. For that reason, if you get a scrape whilst zooming around on a "moto-bike" in Vietnam or a bad ankle sprain whilst trekking through South America, you'll be glad you had a travel-friendly first aid kit on hand.

It's a little pricey but I highly recommend this one.

5. Trtl Pillow

Trtl Pillow best travel neck pillow - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog

Have you always wanted to sleep on an airplane comfortably while sort of looking like a giraffe? Me too!

That's why I invested in the Trtl Pillow. This long neck looking, in-flight headrest solution not only keeps you warm when the person sitting next to you is blasting their air vent but it also is the most comfortable neck pillow I've ever tried.

The giraffe style of this neck pillow was discontinued (boooo) so try this neck pillow instead (yayyyy).

6. Lunatec Aquabot Sport Water Bottle

Best travel water bottle - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog

A quality water bottle is your best friend just about anywhere you travel. Without one in your hand, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of new experiences and suddenly find yourself dehydrated. Either that or find yourself buying $1-2 disposable water bottles constantly which is not only crap for the environment but crap for your wallet.

If you're in the market for the most versatile travel water bottle known to mankind, I recommend the Lunatec Aquabot. Not only does this champion of hydration do everything a standard water bottle should do, it also allows you to pump pressure into it and transform it into a mister, a pressurized shower and more!

This water bottle is hands down the inspector gadget of water bottles.

Buy the Lunatec Aquabot here or if you like your water bottles simple, click here for my more vanilla water bottle pick.

7. Rockland Luggage Carry-On Bag

Best travel carry-on bag - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog

When I look for a bag, I look for the cheapest bag out there that is sturdy and functional enough to get sh*t done. This is contrary to a lot of other travel bloggers who will try to push you towards more expensive bags to boost their referral commissions.

While I'm sure more expensive bags will last you longer, here's the deal, I paid 39.99 for this roller bag and it's lasted me two years. It's checked into every flight I've been on during that time frame without issue and it looks awesome.

While experiences may vary, if you're in the market for a carry-on bag, I recommend giving the Rockland luggage set a try. At $39.99, what do you have to lose?

If you're looking for a backpacking bag, while I haven't tried it myself, a lot of my friends are loving the insanely cheap and attractive "AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack"

Wrapping Up Seriously Important Travel Accessories - Travel Power Strip, Bags and More

Let me reiterate, the accessories you bring with you on a trip will not make or break your experience. Accessories are just... things. They help make life a little easier.

Still, making life a little easier can be a big luxury when you're having a bad day and a "nice to have" perk when you're not.  For that reason, if making things easier is something you enjoy, buy away!

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