Barcelona on a Budget: 7 Tips for Ballin' Without Going Broke

Barcelona on a Budget - F*ckity bye - Funny Travel Blog

It has been too long since I've visited Barcelona (about 4 years now). When I first stepped foot in this city, immediately, I knew that it was one of my favorite places in the world.

The people were fantastic, the food was outstanding, and given that my bloodline has roots in the city, there was just something about this town that made it feel like a second home.

If you're considering a trip to Barcelona, stop considering. Go. You'll have a blast.

The one thing you may need to stay mindful of during your Barcelona adventures is cost. Recently, tourism has exploded in the city which has led to prices skyrocketing.

Don't let money keep you from visiting this gem though! Here are some Barcelona on a budget tips that will keep your checking account above water while exploring this European treasure!

1. Venture Away From Las Rambla

Barcelona on a Budget tip #1 - Stay off of La Rambla

Barcelona is a bustling city no matter whereabouts you're exploring. There is one area in particular though that attracts the attention of most tourists. That area is called, Las Rambla.

Las Rambla translates to "The Rambla" which roughly means "a level area by the sea that's good for walking". Given that Las Rambla is a main street that leads to the ocean where thousands of people walk, the name fits.

Las Rambla was one of my favorite places to hang out when I was in Barcelona and you'll probably love it too (so long as the crowds don't scare you away). Given how popular it is, prices are on higher on Las Rambla than they are on surrounding streets.

For that reason, to keep your Barcelona on a budget ambitions alive, try to spend most of your time elsewhere.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Eat Fast Food

Barcelona on a Budget Tip #2 - Don't be Afraid to Eat Fast Food - F*ckity bye - Funny travel blog

Eating tons of tapas (delicious appetizers) is one of the main draws of Barcelona and Spain as a whole. The problem is that portions are so small you'll have to order 3 or 4 tapas plates to start feeling satisfied. That constant ordering can run up your dining tab considerably.

The good news is that there are plenty of budget eating options in the heart of Barcelona that serve generously sized meals at low prices. The most obvious choice you'll have are fast food spots like Burger King.

My recommendation is to splurge on eating tapas occasionally and to mostly spend your time chowing down on fast food and your hostel/hotel's complimentary breakfast.

3. Opt For Free Sight-Seeing(There's a Ton Of It)

Barcelona on a Budget tip #3 - Enjoy free attractions

There are a fair amount of paid attractions in Barcelona (Sagrada De Familia, The Picasso Museum, etc.). Fortunately, there are also a ton of free attractions to enjoy in the city!

For starters, you can gaze at bizarre architectural masterpieces created by artist, Antoni Gaudi. My favorites are Park Guell and Casa Batllo. After you've gotten your fill of checking out Guadi's art, you can stroll on over to the Arc De Triomf where you'll find more photo opportunities and tons of street performers.

From there, if it's Sunday, check out museums around the city for free (between 3pm and 8pm) or just walk around the Gothic quarter.

Bottom line - There are a tons of free attractions that will keep your Barcelona on a budget goals on track without feeling like you're sacrificing anything.

4. Spend Time Hanging Out on the Beach

Barcelona on a Budget tip #4 - Tan your buns on the beach

Did you know Barcelona has an awesome beach? Believe it or not, a lot of people don't!

Barcelona borders the Mediterranean sea and consequently offers visitors miles of wonderful sand they can throw a blanket on and enjoy. The best part?

The beach is free!

Barcelona on a budget lovers will rejoice as they swim, get a tan, take pictures, and people watch all for ZERO Euros.

Pro Tip: The water in Barcelona is pretty cold so, unless you're brave, plan on admiring the ocean from the sand.

5. Take Food to Go and Eat at Parque De Cuidad

Barcelona on a Budget tip #5 - Take food to go and eat it next to an elephant

Places all over Europe bake all kinds of charges into your meal when you dine-in. Service charges, split-plate fees... The list is endless

The best way to keep your food bill down if you're hankering for restaurant dining is to take your food to go.

My recommendation for budget lovers is to grab a shareable dish (like a pizza) from a restaurant and eat it while people watching at Barcelona's fabulous public space, Parque de Cuidad (City Park).

There you'll find colorful characters, a wonderful fountain, and plenty of shade to enjoy your meal. There are also elephants...

6. Use Your Student Discount

Barcelona on a budget tip # 6 - Use Your Student Discount

Even if you're trying to do Barcelona on a budget, you'll probably want to visit some paid attractions like Sagrada De Famila (although in my opinion, the church is a lot more impressive on the outside than on the inside).

To soften the blow of ever-increasing ticket prices for Barcelona's popular attractions, bring your student ID card with you to the city. When you do, you'll enjoy discounts of around 50% on admission and may even get into certain attractions for free!

7. Visit During the Low or Shoulder Season

Barcelona on a Budget tip #5 - Hang out in Barcelona during shoulder season

Like I said in this article's intro, Barcelona is getting slammed by tourists. Because of that, if you go during high-season, you'll be packed into the city with millions of other people, you'll bump into angry locals, and you'll end up paying an arm and a leg for accommodation.

To avoid all of that and to ensure that you get the best Barcelona experience, try visiting the city in March or April. During those pre-summer months, you'll enjoy warm weather and savings on everything that you do!

Closing Out My Barcelona on a Budget Tips

Barcelona is a fabulous city that's cracking under the pressure of over-tourism. In order to see this city before it breaks (which might be soon given increased tension between locals and tourists) you should do you best to check the city out ASAP!

If you don't have the cash or the time you need to see Barcelona, even when practicing my Barcelona on a budget tips, don't fret. You can still follow through on your dreams of exploring this dream town sooner than you think!

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