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I've been to a countless amount of cities all over the world including quintessential "dream destinations" like Paris and Rome, and let me tell you something... In my opinion, those cities don't hold a candle to the spots I've been to in Vietnam.

There's just a certain energy about the country that makes you feel like a real adventurer!

If you're thinking about visiting Vietnam or better yet, if you're already committed to visiting, this post is for you! In it, I'll quickly go over 6 things that are worth being aware of before you set foot on Vietnamese soil. Each of these pointers relate to questions I had before I made my maiden voyage to this great Southeast Asian destination so I hope they hook you up with useful insight!

1. You'll Need a Letter of Admission to Get into the Country

Vietnam is unique in that you can't just waltz up to its pearly gates with your passport and expect to get in. You'll need a letter of admission.

Depending on your passport, you may be allowed into the country for a few days without a letter of admission but to err on the side of caution, it's worth picking one up.

The good news is that letters of admission are more of a government money-making play than anything else. To get one, you can simply engage with any one of hundreds of agencies online which will submit paperwork to the Vietnamese government on your behalf and get you your admission letter in a couple of days.

The cost for letters of admission when visiting Vietnam are anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00. Here's an agency that's worth trying out.

2. Book a Room for Your First Night, Then Play It by Ear

One of the biggest questions I had when visiting Vietnam was, "Do I need to book all of my accommodation in advance?" The answer to that question is a resounding, "no."

As I talk about in my blog post on booking rooms in Southeast Asia a massive amount of the Southeast Asian economy is in the hospitality sector. Because of that, you could stand on a street corner in Vietnam, throw a rock, and it would probably bounce off of two or three hotels/hostels/guesthouses that want your business.

Despite the ease in which you can get accommodation when visiting Vietnam, I recommend that you pre-book your first night (or first few nights if you're going to be in the same town for a while).

When you first step off of your airplane and into Vietnam, you're going to have stepped into a different world. The shock of that might be a lot to take in so having a room waiting for you can aid in your decompression.

3. You're Going to Get Pitched by Locals

Like I said in the previous point, Vietnam and most of Southeast Asia rely on tourists in a big way to make money. That means that whenever a local sees a tourist, they're probably going to see an opportunity to make a buck.

While nobody can blame people living in a developing country for trying to earn a living, the amount of pitching you're going to get from locals can get overwhelming. You're going to get pitched when you step out of the airport by people that want to taxi you to your hotel. You're going to get pitched by hundreds of people that want you to eat in their restaurants. You're going to get pitched by people who want to carry your bags, want to show you around town, want to sell you discount tickets to attractions, etc., etc., etc.

Bottom line, when visiting Vietnam, you're going to get pitched. Prepare for that now so you're not caught off guard later.

4. WiFi is Everywhere

One of the most common things I get asked by people who are considering visiting Vietnam (and other places around the world)is how they're going to use their phone abroad.

Typically, you have two options:

A) Buy an international SIM card at your destination

B) Use WiFi

I like using WiFi because it's free! Simply contact people through services like Facebook Messenger or Google and you're good to go! Some phones even have "WiFi Calling" which make contacting people even easier.

But what if you can't find WiFi? What do you do then?

While that's a real concern in a lot of places you might visit around the world, when visiting Vietnam, you won't have to worry because there is WiFi EVERYWHERE!

Every hotel, restaurant, and street corner had some WiFi connection I could get on in almost every city I went to in the country. That makes communicating and accessing services like Google Maps simple no matter where you are!

5. Getting Around the Country (and Accessing Neighboring Countries) Is Absurdly Simple

If you're like me, visiting Vietnam doesn't just mean hanging out in Ho Chi Minh City for a week and then catching a flight home. It means visiting multiple cities around Vietnam, exploring Cambodia, moseying on over to Thailand, eating your way around Malaysia and then catching a flight home... Maybe.

But how can one get to all of those places on their itinerary?

By bus!

Every hotel you stay at in Vietnam will gladly hook you up with a bus company that can pick you up at your hotel's lobby and cart you off to a nearby (or not so nearby) city. Depending on what city you're departing from, the buses may even take you across the border to a city in another country (Vietnam to Cambodia, Cambodia to Thailand, etc.).

These buses are easy to arrange cost around $1.50 per hour hour traveled so if you're taking a 9 hour trip, the ticket would roughly be $13.50.

If for whatever reason your hotel doesn't arrange bus rides at its front desk, find any "travel agency" or "tourist center" near your hotel and they'll arrange a bus for you. Just be sure to never overpay or underpay for your ticket.

Overpaying is just silly and underpaying usually means a bad bus company that may try to up-sell you on things or might drop you off far away from your destination.

6. Take Things Slow, Take Setbacks Lightly, and Have a Good Time

Vietnamese culture by itself is an experience (as is illustrated by its cross-walk etiquette above).

My advice when visiting Vietnam is to not overextend yourself. Take your time and explore without expectations. Partake in activities as they come up.

Furthermore, don't get thrown off by the occasional bad experience. For me, visiting Vietnam got hard when I found myself feeling like a commodity to locals. After a while, I got very guarded and started focusing less on building relationships and more on trying to outsmart people.

That was a bad mindset to be in.

You're visiting Vietnam to have an experience. Don't let the occasional pushy local or bad deal ruin your adventurous spirit.

Go into the country and let it do its thing. Believe me, you'll leave impressed!

Sold on Visiting Vietnam?

If you're ready to start visiting Vietnam after reading this write-up, I don't blame you! But what if you don't have the money or the time?

Not a problem!

I lived a life of not having the money or time to travel once upon a time. I was broke before I started working so I couldn't travel and when I got a job to fix that issue, I couldn't get any time off of work!

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