Dear You,

If you’re reading this you've hopefully read through my Six Steps Till Takeoff material in its entirety, played along with everything I’ve asked you to do and now have a physical, executable plan on how to travel to some incredible place in another part of the world (if you're stuck somewhere and need help, let me know).

What that means is that you've made dizzying leaps towards the realization of your dreams.

No amount of kudos I can give you comes anywhere close to the satisfaction you should feel for yourself right now.

(but here’s me trying anyways - kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kuods kudos kudod kudos kudos kduos kudos kdos kudos kydos kydos kuods klyod kuod kuod kuod kuod kuod kuod kuod kuod kuod kuod kuds kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kuods kudos… okay, I’ll stop. I’ll even leave my “kudos” un-spellchecked so you can see how quickly my brain went cross-eyed typing the same word over and over again.)

“So what now?”

That's up to you!

Are you a one and done kind of person who’s only interested in seeing a single place? Is the trip you built with the information on this travel blog your first adventure among many adventures to come?

Whichever is true for you, never lose sight of trying to leave the world a better place than you found it and be sure to pass the love of travel onto those around you (and also your love of this blog please!).

Some saint whose name escapes me once said something to the effect of “The world is a book and those that do not travel read only one page.”

I love that quote because while my laziness and borderline illiteracy have paved the way for a lifetime of my opening books and only reading one page, I can proudly say that I have read THOUSANDS of pages of the figurative novel titled “The World” and let me tell you something – it’s a much better read than those Captain Underpants books I've been trying to make sense of recently…

I firmly believe that if there were more people like you in this world - people curious about our planet and its inhabitants - people willing to scrape together the courage to experience diversity first hand as opposed to reading about it online or watching it on TV… If we had more people like you in this world, earth’s chances of prosperity and peace would look a heck of a lot better right now.

I’m just really proud of you.

If you're feeling generous, let me know what you got out of this material. Snap me a pic of your travel plan or send me a photo of where you ended up by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It would mean a lot to know more about the people who have learned a fraction of anything from the words I've written.

Your sharing your positive experiences and your constructive feedback on what I've cooked up here will allow me to continue to update my content with relevant information and make it more effective for the next budding traveler that Google spits onto my doorstep.

If you ever need any kind of support (except child support, I’m all tied up on the front) know that I’m only an email away and if you'd like to continue to engage with this website, know that I'm creating new content every month on my blog that will at best further your education as a traveler and at worst make you chuckle (or at very worst  make you realize I'm not funny).

Remember, convention can go F*ck itself. Keep Dreaming, Stay Brave.

You’re a beast.


Congratulations written on a whiteboard from Ryan to reader at
A horrifically drawn mural from me to you!

PS: I have no children and I’m not paying anybody child support. That was a joke.

PPS: if you do  have children and are  paying child support, that IS NOT an area to cut back on in order to save money for your trip...