Six Steps Till Takeoff: The Ultimate Guide on How to Travel Around the World

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They say all good things have a beginning.

Or at least I think that's a saying...

I guess all things  have a beginning, good or bad, so I must be thinking of something else – I digress.

This is either your first step if you’re starting from scratch figuring out How To Travel Around The World or an additional one if you’ve already poked around the subject but haven’t found that spark to get you going. Either way, you reading this and considering letting me  (hi, I'm Ryan) further your learning is a pivotal leap towards the life you are meant to be living.

Let's Break Down Everything You're About to Learn

Step One: Why You Should Travel

In step one we'll explore the value of learning how to travel around the world and why the time and money you spend traveling is not only an investment in yourself but the world around you. With logic like that, you'd be a total jerk not to travel!

Step Two: Picking Your Destination

Here we will go through ways to discover all of the incredible destinations this world has to offer. From there, we’ll figure out which of those places speak to you the loudest (figuratively, not literally... if it was literally the answer would always be Cuba) and commit to going there.

Step Three: Planning Your Trip

This is where we'll empower your inner travel agent (and put 1 of the 9 real ones still in business out of work) and break down your trip to figure out how to get to, from, and around your target destinations, how to find the best value accommodation while you're there, and how to accurately estimate variable expenses like food and entertainment.

Step Four: Funding Your Trip

This is where we discuss everyone's favorite topic, religion politics money! Money is a magical word that if you tell people you don’t have, suddenly you no longer need to feel bad about not following your dreams and everyone around you will understand! Fortunately, if you subscribe to that logic, I’m here to tell you you’re full of $#!%. I will hold you accountable for your dreams, money or no money. If you have the will  to find the love of your life on a park bench in Paris (or in my case it was a homo-erotic emotional affair with Michelangelo's "The David" in Florence) I’m here to help you find your way. With effort and patience, money WILL NOT keep you from your travel ambitions.

Step Five: Packing Your Bag

In this step we'll talk about things to consider bringing on your trip and the importance of travel insurance! Who needs travel insurance you ask? All I’ll say is that when you pledge your heart to a gypsy in Spain, drink a toast to your eternal love and wake up the next morning with a headache and all of your stuff gone – you’ll be glad you had it.

Step Six: Setting Goals

Our final step will mentally prepare you for the reality of travel and set you up for it to be a fulfilling experience. Spoiler – Traveling is not all sparkling water and gumdrops. It requires a fair amount of work and problem-solving. Lucky for you there are a lot of people who love travel’s confrontations with pickpockets as much as travel’s white-sand beaches. The bad stuff is bad in the moment. But in retrospect, your good and bad experiences will all fuse together to make for an incredible adventure. You will finish this step knowing what you want to achieve on your trip and how to make consistent progress towards those achievements so no matter what happens to you on your journey, you'll come back feeling as though it was 100% worth it.

That’s Everything You Need to Master To Learn How to Travel Around the World!

Some of these steps will have varying amounts of sub-steps but for the most part, everything will be straight forward. Read the article, play along, reap the benefits.

I have walked people who have dreamed of traveling the world but convinced themselves that doing so would be impossible through these exact six steps and they have proven effective time and time again at getting dreamers to the places they are meant to be.

Dude swimming in a speedo in the crystal blue waters of Nha Trang, Vietnam - F*ckity bye - funny travel blog
I dreamt of learning how to travel around the world to see Vietnam for A LONG TIME before putting into practice the things I'm going to teach you and actually snorkeling its crystal blue waters!

So here’s the one-million-dollar question... Will these six steps on how to travel around the world work for you?


Now I have really big ears (like mammoth, my mother called be dumbo growing up big) and believe it or not, I can hear what you’re saying right now:

"Ryan, I appreciate your bravado. But frankly your confidence is easy to have hiding behind your little keyboard on your sister's sofa-bed. How can you say these six steps are going to work for me when you don't know me?"

First off, that's a very good observation. Downright telepathic given your knowing my location and keyboard size. To answer your question, I know these steps will work because if you complete them then it's impossible that they won’t.

If you want to learn how to travel around the world and you‘re willing to work through this process, I have a path for you.

Visualize This

In front of you, there's a staircase. This staircase has six steps. At the top of the sixth step there's a door and behind that door is the place you've always wanted to go.

Ask yourself, if this visualization was your reality, how quickly would you run up those stairs?

For most of you I imagine fast enough to give your Fitbit an aneurysm.

In your reality right now, right in front of you, there are Six Steps. If you have it in you to go through each one and really take the time to do them, not skipping step one because "you know that already" or skimming over step two because "the jokes aren’t funny" (impossible) but really grind each step out and let me help you design the blue print for your travel ambitions - I promise that in the near future you're going to be sending me an email thanking me for helping get you on your way.

I assure you that day will be a very special one for the both of us.

Rainbow Prairie | Photoshopland, Wyoming

That was some pretty inspirational writing coupled with a very  inspirational photo of a fake rainbow so unless you're a heartless person with no taste for excellent curation of words and rainbows (or my father who dislikes everything I do) I'm assuming that I've sold you on giving me a chance to let me work with you.

The collection of articles I'm going to start weaving you through will share the methods I've utilized to travel through fifteen countries in the last five years. You'll be introduced to these methods partially via my just telling you about them and partially through the unique lens of watching me plan a new trip of my own.

I've found that some of these concepts are difficult to describe when you’re not seeing them in practice. That's why observing me organically building a trip and giving you a detailed run down on my thought process as I do throughout some of this material should make it easier to follow.

To get the most out of what I'm going to be sharing with you, I recommend you read each article I guide you through in order (stopping only where I explicitly ask you to stop to do an exercise) and when you’re done, leverage the techniques you’ve observed and apply them to the building of your own trip.

Finally, I AM YOUR HELP DESK. If something doesn’t make sense, contact me and let me know. It may be that you’re struggling to wrap your head around a concept or more likely that I wasn’t as clear as I could have been and need to make edits.

Either way, I want to hear from you.

That’s all from me!

Let’s Learn How to Travel Around The World!

Ryan Somohano swimming in South East Asia
Your Very Wet Faced Friend,
- Ryan


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